Berkeley Flea Market event by Ashby Bart Station

Welcome to the historical

Berkeley Flea Market

1937 Ashby Ave

Berkeley, CA 94703

Ph: 510-644-0744

48 years of

Rich History and Culture

The Berkley Flea Market began in 1970’s as an unofficial gathering of artists and activists striving to foster community between people of all walks of life and provide opportunities for otherwise marginalized people to engage and thrive in business in a supportive environment.

Art & Culture

Experience the spirit of the communities around the world through fine artwork and artisan crafts from several of our vendors.

Imports & Handmade Products

Shop natural, locally-made, handcrafted hair care and skin care products. Live plants. Odds and ends. Masseuses and incense. We’ve got it all!

Local & International Food

Enjoy cuisines from the Bay Area and around the world. Drinks, snacks, desserts, BBQ just to name a few!

Culture, History, & Inclusive Economy

Started by individuals united thru culture and passion. Immigrants, minorities and women are amongst the vendors and creatives of the Berkeley Flea Market.

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