Volunteer at the Flea Market

Berkeley Flea Market welcomes any and all volunteers. Volunteering at the flea market is a great way to help your local Berkeley community and you can receive community service credit on your resume or profile.

A description of each volunteer position is as follows:

Front Office Support

Help the Flea Market staff process paperwork, assist customers, communicate with grounds staff.

Grounds Security

Communicating with and assisting current security officers with directing flea market traffic, alerting of any situation at the market that warrants their immediate attention.

Vendor Support

Communicate with market vendors and assist with any questions or issues they may have (e.g: restroom breaks, tent setup, back office communication, etc.)

Event Stage Support

Assist any event performers with any questions or issues they may have (e.g: stage setup, assisting with getting on/off stage, keeping front and back stage areas secure, etc.)

Grounds Crew

Overall oversight of flea market grounds, assisting other volunteers and grounds security, keeping grounds clean, coordinating traffic.

Fill out the form below and be contacted by our staff to discuss where you will be a great fit for our market.

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