Come sell and be a part of the Berkeley Flea Market


Come sell and be a part of the Berkeley Flea Market


To sell food at the Berkeley Flea Market, each food or beverage booth operator is required to complete and submit a health permit application along with the Temporary Food Facility Operation Specifications form and pay the appropriate fees.

For single events, access the Temporary Food Facility form.
Print & sign this form, and deliver to the City of Berkeley, Environmental Health Division.
For vending in Berkeley multiple times a year, fill out the Health Permit and Commissary form.

Submit any current and valid food permit using the ‘apply’ button below or bring with you to office along with an ID.
You will be contacted in advance once forms have been received, in order to reserve your spot on the Flea Market grounds.


Stall reservations at the Flea Market are on a first-come first-serve basis. For regular events, costs are $35 a stall. $2 for non-cash payments.
For special events, costs are $50 a stall. Each stall measures 8’x21′. For a 10’x10′ sized canopy, 2 stall spaces are recommended.

Access the CDTFA Sellers’ Permit form.
Fill out, print & sign this form, and bring with you to our Flea Market office.
You can also email, or fill out in person when you arrive.

Bring your ID and form of payment and meet manager at the Flea Market office on day you want to sell to be assigned a stall space.

Online Vendor Form

Fill out the application below or come apply in person during our office hours.

Each stall is 8'x20'. If you need more, please contact us at 510-644-0744
Which date(s) do you want to vend? (multiple selections allowed) *
How do you wish to pay? *
Upload any seller and/or food permits here for faster processing.


How much do vendor spaces cost?2023-07-03T05:42:52-07:00

For one stall: $35 cash. $37 by card.

For large items or furniture there is a $120 deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon passed inspection by Berkeley Flea Market staff at the end of the day. If you leave items behind, your deposit will not be returned to you.

What time do I need to set up?2023-07-03T05:44:10-07:00

Set-up time starts at 7am the day you plan to vend. Your booth needs to be customer-ready by 9am when the market opens.

What time do I need to break down?2023-07-03T05:44:59-07:00

Breakdown starts at 5pm when the market ends for the day. You must vacate your space by 6pm.

You must vacate your allotted space promptly after the flea market shuts down for the day. You may not leave ANYTHING behind, even if you are vending the following day. If you are vending the following day, you still must completely break down and remove everything you brought with you, and then bring it back the following day.

Is there anything I can’t sell at the market?2023-07-03T05:46:06-07:00

The following may NOT be sold, displayed or given away at the Flea Market:

Alcoholic beverages
Food or Beverages without a Health Permit from the City of Berkeley
Drugs or drug paraphernalia
Firearms and/or ammunition
Stolen merchandise or materials
Exploding devices of any kind, including firecrackers and poppers
Pets or other live animals
Any items misrepresented by the seller in any way
Play guns or weapons of any kind to a minor
“Adult” materials may not be displayed where they are accessible or visible to minors.
The Berkeley Flea Market does NOT permit counterfeit merchandise to be sold on this site.
We want all to understand that it is against Federal Law to sell pirated VHSs, DVDs, CDs, and other mechandise that constitutes a copyright infringment.
No duplicate booths.
Tires, mattresses and televisions. When left behind we are charged $14 per mattress and tires/tv.

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