About Us

Currently celebrating our 48th year of operation, The Berkley Flea Market began in the 1970’s as an unofficial gathering of artists and activists striving to foster community between people of all walks of life and provide opportunities for otherwise marginalized people to engage and thrive in business in a supportive environment.

In the beginning, they were harassed and some were incarcerated for trying to carve out an independent thriving existence until 1973 a court of law awarded Non-Profit Community Services United the right to officially establish The Berkeley Flea Market on the Ashby Bart Lot.

The individuals who created this space united by sharing their culture, their creativity and passions, and will to persevere and thrive, despite existing circumstances and developing challenges. Immigrants, refugees, minorities and women count themselves amongst the aspiring small business owners and creative contributors of the Berkeley Flea Market.

Our Team

Charles Gary

Board President

Artrenia Harris

Board Member and Vendor

Rosine Boussini

Board Member and Vendor

Shaka Camara

Board Member and Vendor

Ellen Manu-Bimpeh

Board Member and Vendor

Kaylah Marin

Board Member

Yasin Khan

General Manager and Board Member