The following may NOT be sold, displayed or given away at the Flea Market:

Alcoholic beverages
Food or Beverages without a Health Permit from the City of Berkeley
Drugs or drug paraphernalia
Firearms and/or ammunition
Stolen merchandise or materials
Exploding devices of any kind, including firecrackers and poppers
Pets or other live animals
Any items misrepresented by the seller in any way
Play guns or weapons of any kind to a minor
“Adult” materials may not be displayed where they are accessible or visible to minors.
The Berkeley Flea Market does NOT permit counterfeit merchandise to be sold on this site.
We want all to understand that it is against Federal Law to sell pirated VHSs, DVDs, CDs, and other mechandise that constitutes a copyright infringment.
No duplicate booths.
Tires, mattresses and televisions. When left behind we are charged $14 per mattress and tires/tv.